Calm Liver Wind-Yang

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Akathisia, Cerebral apoplexy, Dizziness, Eyes (distending), Headache, Hypertensive encephalophy, Numbness of extremities, or even dry mouth, Pre-stroke conditions, Pulse: Wiry long and forceful


Ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba Extract 40mg, Uncaria Sinensis Hook 70mg, Scrophularia Ningpoensis Root 30mg, Dioscorea Opposite Rhizome 20mg, Artemsia Scoparia Herb 30mg, Gastrodia Elata Tuber 40mg, Peony Root 30mg, Melia Toosendan Fruit 30mg, Pheliodendron Amurense Bark 40mg, Gentiana Manshurica Root 40mg, Achyranthese Bidentata 70mg, Chrysanthemum Morfolium Flower