Kali Mur No.5

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Circulation, skin care, allergies, babies, children, colds & flu, ear nose & throat, eyes & vision, first aid, muscles, respiratory support, Adolescence , Childhood illnesses, Soft tissue wounds and burns, Trauma and post operative recovery, Thrush or candida, Soft glandular swellings, Sinus congestion, Ear, nose, throat and lung infections, Irritated eyelids or itching eyes, Allergies, Infantile eczema, Adolescent pimples, Warts and skin tags, Travel sickness, Nausea

Facial Analysis Signs: Milky-blue to pink-whitish colour in a half-moon under the eyes and sometimes the upper eyelid. The entire face can appear this milk-like color. Young women can display this colour all over the décolletage and upper arms. The tongue may have a white coating and a sweet taste.

Ingredient: Kalium Muriaticum D6 (Potassium Chloride)