Pure Synergy

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Pure Synergy supports the cleansing functions of the body, including the skin, digestive, lymphatic, urinary and hepato-biliary systems. It may assist in coping with the metabolic changes during adolescence and menopause. It is useful to keep on hand for party situations where there can be an overindulgence of food, alcohol intoxication or hangovers. It helps to counteract nausea* and excessive perspiration. Pure Synergy also assists in balancing impure skin with the tendency to pimples or acne and in the healing of suppurations such as boils and abscesses. Pure Synergy is an excellent tonic for those with metabolic syndrome or diabetes and supports weight-loss programs in conjunction with a balanced diet


Ingredients: Kali Sulph, Nat Phos, Calc Sulph, Silicea, Nat Sulph