Magnesium Glycenate

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A best seller. Wonderful for sleepless nights, where waking in the middle of the night is more prevalent. Also works wonders for muscle spasms and cramps, chronic bouts of fatigue as well as increased cardiovascular disease. This is one of the best types of magnesium which can easily be absorbed by our bodies, and gets to work immediately. Double the dosage initially if the symptoms are worse to increase the magnesium levels in the body. 

Muscle spasm, magnesium deficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), asthma, cardiovascular health, addisons disease, constipation, fatigue, hyperthyroidism (thyrotoxicosis), premenstrual tension syndrome, spasms (digestive & intestinal), spasms (nervous tics), spastic colon, high blood pressure (hypertension), headaches and migraines


Ingredient: Magnesium Glycenate 500mg