Ace Antioxidant

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A combination of natural antioxidants to help the body get rid of free radicals. The main function of antioxidants are to prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals, unstable molecules that the body produces as a reaction to environmental and other pressures. They are sometimes called “free-radical scavengers.” This formulation is potent for conditions like Asthma, cataracts, macular degeneration, anti-ageing, pigmentation, sweating soles/palms, wrinkling of skin, high cholesterol, freckles, blotches and light sensitivity.

Ingredients: Beta Carotene, Calcium Ascorbate, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Grape Seed Extract, Lycopene, Pine Bark Extract, Selenium, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin E, Zinc Gluconate