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Cascara is a powderised form of the Rhamnus Purshiana plant. It is well known for its laxative effects. Cascara Sagrada, also known as Sacred Bark, is one of the best remedies for constipation, as it is not habit-forming and in fact cleanses and restores natural tone to the colon, as opposed to making the colon lazy

Prolonged use of Cascara will have the bowels operate more naturally. Cascara also improves the flow of secretions of the stomach, liver and pancreas, improving digestion. It is also effective on the gall bladder ducts and helps the body rid itself of gallstones, whilst increasing the flow of bile (which is also needed to lubricate the colon). It has a cleansing effect on the colon in relation to parasites and worms, and it does not interfere with the natural bowel flora. It is therefore safe to use long term, even with liver disorders and diverticulitis.


Ingredients: Rhamnus Purshiana 375mg


Dosage: Take 1 to 3 capsules up to twice daily with water.