Disperse Heat

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Conjunctival congestion, Damp heat in lower warmer (lower Jiao), Ears, Eczema, Gout, Hepatitis (acute), Otitis media (acute), Pruritus, swelling of vulvae, Pulse: Excess, Shingles, herpes simlex, Turbid and smelly urine, Vaginitis


Ingredients: Bupleurum Root 30mg, Plantago Asiatica 30mg, Gardenia Jasminoides Fruit 40mg, Alisma Orientalis 40mg, Gentiana Manshurica Root 100mg, Dong Quai Extract 20mg, Artemsia Scoparia Herb 50mg, Scuttellaria Baicalensis Root 100mg, St John’s Wort Extract 10mg, Sweet Leaf 10mg, Lycium Berry Extract 30mg