Liver Detox Drops / Liver Care

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Post operative shock, allergies, depression, eczema / dermatitis, fatigue, Gallbladder disease (Gallstones and cholecystitis), headache, liver cirrhosis, perspiration - offensive, pigmentation, rhinitis, sneezing, styes, tinnitus and tonsillitis


Ingredients: Ethanolic Extracts of Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Boldo, Bupleurum, Poke Root, Milkthistle, Chamomile, Gentian Root, Greater Celandine, Yarrow, Bearberry, Wormwood and Homeopathics: Avena Sativa, Carbo Veg, Chelidonium, Cerchio Marianus, China, Natrum Sulphuricum